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A Nobody by Ficasahn A Nobody by Ficasahn
Okay, guys - say hello to Xarocilaä, also known as The Unfinished Masterpiece, also called Xaro or "Skorppari" (= Scorpion). Xarocilaä is mine - or well, actually my alter ego's - nobody. If someone doesn't know what a nobody is, I recommend to play Kingdom Hearts -series.
I've worked long and hard with him, but I like the outcome. ...though I realized just after I've finished him that I probably won't ever be able to cosplay him... XD Xaro was originally planned to be *Wempuli's nobody, Milexeas's friend. I hope Wempu still wants these two to meet~ n_n I love the comments I've received when I've showed his picture to some of my friends.
~Murikka: " seem to have some kind of a bandage-fetish?"
~Emju: "*Random fangirlscreaming* OH MY GOD FICCIIIIIH!!"
Ehe <3 Just the reactions I had hoped for <3
So, the information!

Name:Xarocilaä, "The Unfinished Masterpiece"
Nicknames: Xaro, Skorppari, (Scorpion)
Other / somebody: Caroliaä (human form)
Gender: Male
Age: Not known, probably 17-19-year-old (looks like it)
Element: Everything colourful you can paint with (coloured water, watercolours, ink, etc, not pure water)
Weapon: A massive paintbrush with other smaller ones
World: Not known. Somebody thinks he's from Atlantica and that's what he claims, but since he has feet, nobody knows.
Personality (shortly): Xaro is an annoying little bastard with an I-can-do-everything-attitude. He plays cool and tough and is trying hell hard to get everyone's attention and respect, but then again - since he's always sticking with the ones he likes and hell jealous, no one actually really wants to be with him. They usually can't take his attitude.
Under the hard shell he's just shy and quite lonely, and he has no self-confidence at all. He's always fixing his hair and looks, and quite many think he's one extremely shallow bastard. He's not, he just hates the feeling of being ugly, and for some reason he thinks that his looks are everything others like in him.
Art is one thing he loves - and the others hate. Xaro thinks himself as a misunderstood artist, he can't understand why the others don't like his paintings. That might be because he has quite... Personal aspects of some things. (For example, some people don't like it when he draws beards to their self-portrait.)
Birth: Caroliaä, Xaro's other, that stupid little fella was once upon a time in a world he didn't know. There he got lost, and couldn't find his way back to the gummi ship. So he decided to go and look for some help / shelter / what ever. Well, he didn't ever get to find anything, since singing out loud attracted this cute little thing he didn't notice: a heartless. He didn't even have time to finish the song before the heartless ate his heart. And that's that.

Okay so I hope you like him 8D He's quite scarred, I'm drawing a reference sheet of his scars at the moment~

Organization XIII, nobodies, Kingdom Hearts -series c SQUARE-ENIX
Xarocilaä c me
eamilia Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2009
Hottismies. 8D Ja joo, kyl tän ja Milen pitää ehdottomasti tavata (sais sillekin jotain seuraa, raukka on ihan yksin edelleen 'D). Muikea esittelykin hällä oi~
Ficasahn Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2009
Ihihi, kiitos 8'DDD Ihanaa <3 Xaro saa sit kans kavereita 8D ...esittely ny on vähä kusinen, kyl mää pitemmän viel kirjootan XD
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January 16, 2009
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